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Capital Trust Group (CTG) Blockchain provides speedy B2B turnkey solutions to your business.

CTG provide the following services:

Blockchain advisory

With our blockchain advisory learn how to mature and implement turnkey solutions and find out the numerous favorable opportunities with our secret formulas on how to best apply, and perfectly incorporate solutions into your system.

CTG provide the following services:

Blockchain crypto infrastructure

New Zealand is the home of the largest financial technology infrastructure of CTG. Designed specifically to meet your requirements and needs; it provides the best environment for development solutions and has highly secured blockchain factories.

CTG provide the following services:

ICO advisory

Over the years CTG has developed a trusting and reliable relationship with accounting firm, premier technologies and world class laws, so they can build and run secure decentralized services. The clients are professionally directed through the entire process of token creation to launch including exchanges and smart contracts for successful initial coin offerings (ICO).

Advisory services

Initial design session

For you to know more about the decentralized upcoming, we will cater you with block chain campaigns, hold workshops designed specifically to meet your requirements, all would be custom-made according your company requests and needs.


Strategy development

Just to provide you with business turnkey solution we have a disruptive business model. Blockchain technology will be used to design turnkey solutions and our team of professionals will help and guide you to achieve that. This will include use case calculations, concept design till deployment and operation until it completes an entire cycle from start to finish.

Use and proof of concept

We stress upon the use of concept development and believe in our capabilities to do so. A full advantage can be availed from benefiting insights by performing user tests at cheap rates. You will also get to know how your target audience distinguishes and assesses your prototype, and what further changes should be carried out for future enhancement of the digital product.


Ecosystem development

The fast paced varying environment of blockchain proves to be a challenge to newbies and reputable firms alike. We have the right amount of information to know which direction the market is heading. In order for our clients to mature their existing skills in ecosystem contexts having value-added and targeted directions, we fully provide them with our unwavering support. We can also help them in finding start-ups which are ready to work with them, if they show interest in finding new business partners.

Concept design and Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

The feedback is provided as efficiently as an MVP is in a live blockchain setting. For the greatest suitable turnkey propositions we will direct you through setting up a persona, concept design and developing the problematic backgrounds and have their best solutions.

Implementation strategy

The most crucial step for a project doing excellent after the developing the prototype is bringing it out. We will guide you from implementation till the deployment stage of the final turnkey solutions. All the variety of proven method will be backed up by us for your effective launch, like pilot program, improving processes and targeting.

Blockchain Crypto Infrastructure

With our blockchain advisory learn how to mature and implement turnkey solution and find out the numerous favorable opportunities with remarkable inventions. You will be provided with our secret formulas on how to best apply, and perfectly incorporate solutions into your system.

Concept Factory

The concept factory is built to develop and implement the chain-code efficiency accurately. Predefined templates help in achieving the business requirements; it also helps numerous clients in demonstration and testing.

Secure Factory

To ensure optimum security and fulfill compliance requirements, data is stored across turnkey solutions entire network. The hackers can no longer invade through centralized points of vulnerability, as the block chain doesn’t necessarily need it. The security method of blockchain makes use of encryption technology. On the other hand sensible data can go straight to unchains in the concept factory. Whereas secure factory can also create an optional secure connectivity to core-banking systems.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Advisory

Blockchain technology has the ability to raise funds using ICO (initial coin offering) and CTG can assist you in doing that. The investors are given newly issued tokens in return for crypto or fait currency.

To write the story of a triumphant and complaint token sale, we go through and experience the entire formula ourselves.

It would be fairly difficult for you to complete this difficult process by yourself, for this we have expert advisory team of professional partner networks and consultants to help you till you reach success.

ICO is organized and implemented by Blockchain, by offering collaborations, instruments and methods to make your turnkey processes successful, even after launch support, not only till technical execution.

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