The partners of CTG will be provided with the following advantages:

• Experience with countless years of industry know-how
• Extremely qualified designers, advisers and developers
• World class legal advisors and software supplier’s partnership
• Optimum security and dedicated infrastructure
• Flexible to industry realities
• New Zealand and Asia are capable of holding private chains in a distributed network
• Quick and modest setup, professional project execution

Financial sector

The most important factor is Know Your Customer (KYC) by which client can be identified with ease, and securing data through blockchain decreases the difference between formats of systems and data.

Public sector

Safe solutions for digital identity can be trusted upon, and there would be a decrease in bureaucracy paper based processes which are prevalent currently.

Life sciences

It assists in increasing transparent processes quickly providing accurate diagnosis as its principles can create a safer patient data and battles with other phony pharmaceuticals.


The old fashioned top-down market with multiple mediators has been replaced with a direct link to customers by introducing a decentralized business model.


To increase safety, reliability and creativeness, a faster and transparent method has been applied to the entire supply chain along with nifty contract logistics.


To eliminate the risk of fraudulent activities, leaks in the supply chains and to increase high quality, the supplier to customer process is now traceable.

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